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Why might a shipment be refused?

A shipment may be refused if the content description on the customs form does not clearly indicate the presence of dangerous goods.

It may also be refused if the description includes general terms that may indicate the presence of dangerous goods, such as:

  • Vague descriptions such as “miscellaneous items”, “consumer goods”, etc.
  • Cleaning products: may contain a spray or compressed gas cartridge,
  • Sports items: may contain an aerosol
  • Camping equipment: may contain a gas canister
  • Diving equipment: may contain diver’s tanks
  • Medication: may contain modified alcohol
  • Cosmetics: may contain perfume, varnish or solvent
  • Vehicle parts: may contain flammable liquid, aerosols or compressed gas
  • Toys and games: may contain batteries.

The content of each consignment must be described accurately.

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