Our Entertain Me packages

Choose from more than 100 Premium channels and create your own thematic package.

The package that's right for you

With just a one-month commitment and prices based on the number of channels selected, the Entertain Me package is tailored to suit your needs. 

Your custom package,

  • Entertain Me XS : 1 channel 1.99€
  • Entertain Me S : 4 channels 8€
  • Entertain Me M : 12 channels 13€
  • Entertain Me L : 25 channels 21€
  • Entertain Me XL : 40 channels 31€
  • Entertain Me MAXI : More than 40 channels 61€

How to create my own package?

To create your Entertain Me package, follow these three steps:

  1. On your decoder, go to the MyTV menu 

    MyTV can be accessed from the SETTINGS menu.

  2. Choose your channels

    Select your channels one by one. Your package will change according to the number of channels you choose.

  3. Confirm your choice

    Confirm your selection and enjoy your new package immediately after your decoder has restarted.

Découvrez nos suggestions


Avec Entertain Me!, vous pourrez créer votre bouquet 100% portugais.


Créez votre bouquet personnalisé pour les plus petits.


Votre bouquet découverte pour voyager sans bouger de votre canapé.

Why choose Entertain Me?


With a commitment period of just one month, you can regularly change your selection and discover new channels.


The channels available in the Entertain Me package are recognised premium channels. All of which offer exclusive, high-quality content.


With a catalogue of over 100 channels, you'll find over 10 different languages and all kinds of content. From different sports to entertainment or even news, there's something for everyone.

Do you have any other questions? 

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