Have your old phones collected

Don’t let your old smartphones gather dust in a drawer! Your phone can be reincarnated. Value it, recycle it, donate it... make a gesture of goodwill to benefit the environment.

More and more smartphones come off the assembly lines each year

This uses up a considerable amount of energy and fuels demand for rare metals such as gold for the motherboard and cobalt for the battery. Manufacturing a smartphone could account for around three quarters of its environmental footprint, hence the need to make it last.

And while you may no longer need your phone, it could still be used by someone who can’t afford one. POST works with different partners to recycle or reuse phones, putting them back on the market or reusing their parts. 

The benefits

Donate or sell your smartphone:
a minor act with major impact

Environmental impact

Your smartphone will be reconditioned and reused by someone who cannot afford a new one. Or it will be dismantled, here in Luxembourg, at a workshop for social and professional integration. The parts will be reused in the manufacture of new devices.

Economic impact

Sell your mobile in an Espace POST. You trade in your device and receive a discount on the price of your new phone. This gesture will allow you to save money and extend the life of your smartphone, which others can use too.

Social impact

If it still works, your old phone will be reconditioned. If it no longer works or is damaged, it will be taken apart and its components recycled. To do this, POST works locally with Digital Inclusion and Solina Aarbechtshëllef, as part of the national Mobile Bag collection. 

How can I sell my phone with Mobile Buyback?

A few steps is all it takes to use the services of smartphone collecting:

  1. Save your personal data

    Follow our tutorials to save your data on iOS or Android.

  2. Go to a POST Telecom shop

    Check the list of Espace POST offering the Mobile BuyBack service.

  3. Receive the value of your smartphone

    Ask an adviser to calculate the trade-in value of your smartphone. 

  4. Choose your new smartphone

    Pick out your new smartphone and a 24-month POP Mobile plan.

  5. Pay for your purchase

    The trade-in value of your old smartphone is deducted from the total amount.

Here’s where you can find our different sales outlets

  • Espace POST Luxembourg Ville
  • Espace POST Luxembourg Cloche d'Or
  • Espace POST Luxembourg Gare
  • Espace POST Luxembourg Kirchberg
  • Espace POST Bascharage
  • Espace POST Belle-Etoile
  • Espace POST City Concorde
  • Espace POST Dudelange
  • Espace POST Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Espace POST Ettelbruck
  • Espace POST Junglister
  • Espace POST Marnach
  • Espace POST Mersch
  • Espace POST Remich

Donate your old phone

Take part in the Mobile Bag collection in Luxembourg and make a gesture of goodwill to benefit the environment with POST and its partners, Digital Inclusion and SOLINA Aarbechtshellëf. Over five years, more than 8,000 smartphones have already been collected through the POST network.

How can I donate my mobile?

A few steps is all it takes:

  1. Save your data

    Follow our tutorials to save your personal data on iOS or Android.

  2. Remove the SIM card

    Make sure you remove your SIM card before donating your mobile.

  3. Reset your mobile

    Resetting wipes the phone’s data and restores its factory settings before you pass it on.

  4. Drop your mobile into the Mobile Bag

    You can give us a phone with or without its charger, even if it has a broken screen or can’t be turned on. Please check the FAQ if the battery is damaged.
    One handset per bag, which must be sealed.

  5. Drop off your bag

    Put the sealed bag into the box at a POST sales outlet or hand it directly to your postal delivery worker.

Our partners

  • Digital Inclusion
  • Solina Aarbechtshëllef

Answers to your questions

It is less than six years old and still works: 

  • You choose to sell your phone to POST, you opt for the Mobile BuyBack service: It will be refurbished and reset via one of our partners who guarantee to erase any remaining data. This will extend the life of the device and allow it to be used by other users for many years to come.
  • You choose to donate your phone to POST and its partners. If the device meets the criteria for return defined by "Digital Inclusion" (more information at Donate Smartphones - Digital Inclusion (digital-inclusion.lu), you can put it in a Mobile Bag and deposit it in a return box available in our Espaces POST or give it to your postman. Your phone will then be received by "SOLINA - Aarbechtshëllef a.s.b.l." to check the selection criteria and sent back to "Digital Inclusion" for refurbishment. It will then be redistributed to people in need in Luxembourg, selected with the social offices of the "Croix Rouge" and "SOLINA - Aarbechtshellëf a.s.b.l.".

It is more than 6 years old (functional or not): 

  • It will be passed on to the ""Aarbechtshëllef a.s.b.l."" , which will dismantle it in their workshop and revalue the materials so that they can be used for the production of new devices or objects. The hard disk containing personal data will be physically and systematically destroyed."

When you trade in your telephone using the POST Mobile BuyBack service, you hand over your smartphone to genuine experts who guarantee that any remaining data is deleted from your device. Plus, you can trade in your smartphone in a POST Telecom shop without having to send your device by post. And you can ask to trade in up to five of your old smartphones for a maximum of €1,000.

You must wipe the data before handing over your electronic devices. This is your responsibility. POST and its partners will not be liable for any loss or misuse of data still held on the device.

During the recycling or refurbishing process, our partners will reset the device and may even destroy the memory card. The device’s factory settings will therefore be restored, after which you will no longer be able to recover any data that had been stored on the device.

We take phones as well as all other electronic devices (decoders, cables, accessories, FRITZ!Box, etc.) so they can be recycled or reused. At POST, we take back all telecom devices we sell so that, whenever possible, they can be given a new lease of life. Why wait to bring us your device?

The bags can be picked up free of charge:

Recycling services

Give new life to your PostTV decoder

Give new life to your device. Once we have reconditioned it, it can be reused.

Discover the service

Give new life to your FRITZ!Box

This means the key parts can be reused to make new devices.

Discover the service

Mobile BuyBack

List of smartphone brands compatible with Mobile BuyBack: APPLE (iPhone), GOOGLE, HUAWEI, MOTOROLA, NOKIA, ONEPLUS, OPPO, REALME, SAMSUNG, SONY, VIVO, XIAOMI, WIKO. Other phones are not eligible and will not be accepted in Espace POST.

Do you have any other questions? 

Call us free of charge on 8002 8004 or +352 2424 8004 for international calls, 24/7.

Or make an appointment in Espace POST:

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