How can I back up my Android smartphone data?

Make sure that all of your data is saved to the Cloud or your computer before trading your smartphone in for a new model.

  • Samsung Galaxy smartphones 

We recommend that users of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone use Samsung’s Smart Switch app to transfer data from their old smartphone to their computer.

  • Huawei smartphones

We recommend that users of a Huawei smartphone use the Huawei HiSuite app to transfer data from their old smartphone to their computer.

After buying your new Huawei smartphone, you can use HiSuite again to save all of your data, images and photos to your new smartphone.

To back up your data to the Cloud from your smartphone, please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the phone to a Wi-Fi network
  2. Go to Settings and select “Backup & Restore”
  3. Select “Google Account”
  4. Select “Back up now” to back up selected data to your Google Drive
  5. Check that the “Back up to Google Drive” box is ticked
  6. Google Photos is another good solution for backing up your photos and videos. Please download Google Photos in the PlayStore
  7. Open Google Photos
  8. In settings, select “Backup and sync” and check that “Backup and sync” is ticked
  9. In the “Folders” menu of the device to be backed up, select all folders to be backed up and displayed in the photo library. Your camera folder will be backed up automatically
  10. Stay connected to the Wi-Fi network until the process is complete

To back up your photos and videos to your computer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the smartphone using the USB cable
  2. Follow the steps shown on the screen
  3. Choose the documents that you wish to back up to your computer
  4. Copy/paste your documents to the computer
  5. The process is exactly the same if you use a Mac, but you need to download Android File Transfer before transferring your smartphone’s data to your computer


Important: please also delete your smartphone from your Google/Samsung accounts

  1. Go to “Settings”

  2. Click on “Accounts and users”

  3. Click on the accounts to delete

  4. Click on “Delete”

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