What is the “Find my iPhone” feature for?

“Find my iPhone” is an Apple feature and service for locating smartphones and protecting owners from misuse of their content in the event of theft.

The “Find my iPhone” feature is linked to the user’s Apple ID.

If the feature is activated then, in the event of loss or theft, no private data stored on the phone can be accessed by anyone other than the account holder. No reset will be possible without first logging in with the Apple ID. Even in the event of a “forced” reset, authentication will be required when the phone starts back up.

Important information in case your phone is broken:

The “Find my iPhone” feature’s security was enhanced on 1 November 2016. Mobile phone operators, resellers and authorised repair centres are no longer able to deactivate it without the user’s Apple ID and password.

  • If you take your phone to the POST customer service department, you must have deactivated the feature beforehand. No work or repair will be possible if you haven’t
  • If your phone is unusable (e.g. if it can no longer be turned on or the screen is frozen), you can deactivate the feature directly on icloud website

What is the deactivation procedure?

  • Click here to find the full procedure
  • To check whether the “Find my iPhone” feature is activated, look for your phone’s IMEI and click here.

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