Repair your phone

Your phone will be repaired by qualified technicians. It's an environmentally responsible way to give your phone a second life.

POST, 1st operator in Europe

POST is the first mobile operator in Europe to offer Apple-certified repairs.


Professional repairs

The advantages are :

Preserved warranty

We only use manufacturer's original components, so your legal warranty will stay active.

Certified technicians

The technicians who repair your phone are continuously trained and certified.

Apple repairs within 48 hours with appointment

iPhone repairs are carried out by our technicians in Luxembourg Cloche d'Or in less than 2 working days.

We support the following brands

Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Fairphone, LG, Nokia, Emporia, OPPO, Dora, Caterpillar

We support the following brands: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Fairphone, LG, Nokia, Emporia, OPPO, Dora, Caterpillar

How to repair my phone with POST?

To carry out a repair with POST, here's how to proceed:

  1. Back up your personal data

    Follow our tutorials to back up your data on iOS or Android.

  2. Remove your smartphone's location

    Warning: Deleting your smartphone's location is absolutely necessary in order to repair an iPhone.
    Find out how to do it on Apple and Android

  3. Go to a POST Telecom shop to drop off your device

    Consult the list of POST shops where you can drop off your broken phone. There, specify where you would like to collect your device when it has been repaired.

  4. Receive your quotation

    Validate your repair cost directly online.
    NB: If you choose not to have your phone repaired, you will be charged a fixed price for the diagnosis.

  5. Collect your repaired phone

    Collect your repaired phone from your chosen collection point.

Express repair for your iPhone

Do you want your damaged iPhone repaired as quickly as possible?

Drop your device at the Espace POST de la Cloche d'Or (2, rue Emile Bian in Luxembourg Cloche d'Or) and we'll repair it in less than 2 working days.

NB: The repair time may be different according to the model and the damage.

Fill in this form to have your phone repaired within 48 hours


Your repair guaranteed for 3 months

When the manufacturer's warranty has expired, all our repairs are guaranteed 3 months.

How to remove your smartphone's location?

If you can access your iPhone settings:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap [your name], then tap "Find My".
  3. Tap Find my [device], then turn off Find My [device].
  4. Enter the password associated with your Apple ID.
  5. Touch Deactivate.

If you cannot access the settings on your damaged iPhone (broken screen or iPhone no longer works at all):

  1. If you have AirPods connected to your iPhone, store them in their case.
  2. Insert the SIM card from your damaged iPhone into another smartphone to receive the identification text message with the 6-digit code.
  3. Go to from another device 
  4. Enter the email address of your Apple account and your password
  5. When iCloud asks you for the 6-digit "Two-factor identification" code, click on : "If you haven't received a validation code", click on "Send me a text message".
  6. Enter the 6-digit code you received into iCloud.
  7. Click on "Find my" in iCloud.
  8. In Locate devices on, click on "All my devices", then select the name of the damaged iPhone.
  9. A pop-up will appear with a "Remove from Account" box at the bottom of the pop-up. 
  10. Click on "Remove from account". NB: deleting the iPhone from the account does not delete the data or photos/videos stored in iCloud. 
  11. Enter the password associated with your Apple ID.
  12. Click on "Delete".

If you can access the settings on your Android device:

  1. Open the "Settings" application on your phone.
  2. Click on "Passwords and Accounts".
  3. Under "Accounts for", tap on the account you wish to delete.
  4. Press "Delete account" to confirm.
    NB: the data and photos/videos contained in the "Samsung account" or "Google Account" are not affected by this deletion. 

If you are unable to access the settings on your Android device (broken screen or smartphone no longer works at all), the supplier will charge you extra fees.

Do you have any other questions? 

Call us free of charge on 8002 8004 or +352 2424 8004 for international calls, 24/7.

Or make an appointment in Espace POST:

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