5G in Luxembourg

Low latency, lightning-fast network speed and unprecedented connectivity - discover all the benefits of POST's 5G network.

POST "Best in Test"

The "Mobile Network Test in Luxembourg" ranks POST first for its mobile network performance.

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The advantages of 5G

Internet speed 

Various tests we’ve carried out show that the speed is faster than 1Gbit/s. That's up to 10 times faster than 4G.

Response time 

The latency of the 5G network (delay between an action and response) will be less than 10 milliseconds.


The massive connectivity. Anything can be connected and interconnected: smartphones, cars, everyday objects, security systems, medical devices, etc.

5G experience

5G will give way to new digital and electronic experiences in various fields.

5G use cases

POST " Best in test "

POST wins the “Luxembourg mobile network test” conducted by Connect magazine and Umlaut.

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Best 5G coverage

The ILR statement reveals that POST has the best 5G coverage in Luxembourg.

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Fifth Generation Cross-Border Control

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Walbillig gëtt Digital mat der POST

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Living Lab for Digital Transition in Healthcare towards 5G

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Mobile Edge Computing for 5G DROne Systems

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Luxembourg 5G Smart Country Data Cloud

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5G – Smart Water Eislek

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5G CHEM project

Discover the interview about the 5G pilot project at CHEM in Dudelange

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Answers to your questions

Compared to 4G, 5G will offer a connection speed that is 20 times faster and a response time that is 10 to 30 times shorter (latency).

Fiber optics remains the most effective way to access ultra-broadband because the bandwidth is not shared with other users, unlike a mobile phone tower which is shared between several users. 5G will, however, give some customers, who are not yet connected to the fibre-optic network, the opportunity to connect to ultra-broadband using a 5G router.

In order to meet the growing connectivity needs of both private and business customers, the Internet speed needs to be even faster and the latency even lower, for a growing number of users and connected objects. By 2023, 4G will have reached its limits due to the saturation of the current network. Every year, data connections increase by 40% and the 4G network will eventually no longer be able to handle the growing number of connections. 5G is also part of the digitalisation evolution in Luxembourg in general, as well as the development of POST’s “Network of the future”.

Each mobile operator, holding a relevant frequency licence, is responsible for rolling out its own 5G network.

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