Fifth Generation Cross-Border Control

projet conduite 5G Croco

Launched in 2018, the 5GCroCo (5G Cross-Border Control) project is a joint undertaking by the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, working in collaboration with their French and German counterparts. The project establishes a testing site for connected and self-driving vehicles. This will be set up along the borders of Luxembourg, Germany and France to provide cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM) services.

Involving several major players in Europe’s automotive and mobile communications sectors, the project will cover three specific case studies: remote driving, real-time generation and diffusion of high-definition maps, and early prevention of collisions.

The 5GCroCo project demonstrates the three countries’ shared commitment to promoting the development and testing of the various technologies in a real-world, cross-border context.

As part of this European project, and to test the use of 5G technology in this context, POST Luxembourg has been selected by the European Commission to provide 5G coverage for the Luxembourg section of the motorway linking Metz, Merzig and the Grand Duchy. The aim is to conduct testing of 5G technology at scale in order to meet the needs of connected and self-driving vehicles.

Partners: Consortium International, POST

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