What is SecurPack?

SecurPack is the new name of our additional, comprehensive insurance covering loss and damage of national and international recorded deliveries: Registered deliveries and XL – XXL parcels.

Service provided in partnership with: 


What are the benefits and guarantees?

  • Insure the market value of your shipments until they are delivered to the recipient
  • A wider range of items are insured
  • A simplified, comprehensive service

SecurPack now offers additional cover of up to €10,000.

How much does SecurPack cost?


Montant assuré Prix SecurPack
de 1 à 1.000 € 10 €
de 1.001 à 2.500 € 25 €
de 2.501 à 5.000 € 50 €
de 5.001 à 10.000 € 100 €


How to benefit from this option ?

It’s easier than ever and you no longer need stamps. Simply go to your POST Courrier point of sale (post office, Espace POST, Point POST) and a member of staff will add the option as requested when franking your shipment.

Special terms and conditions

Certain items are not covered due to their nature. Please refer to the SecurPack special terms and conditions.

* Maximum compensation applicable:

  • National and international registered letter: €35.00
  • Parcels: €530 or €50 per parcel and €5.50 per kg depending on the destination country

Service exempt from VAT.