Parcel returns

What’s the right way to return your parcels?

It is very simple: once you’ve requested a return from the online retailer, you’ll get a prepaid label to stick onto your parcel. After that, it’s ready to be returned to the sender.

Preparing your returns

To make sure your return is handled in the best possible way, take care to pack your parcel correctly, stick the label in the right place and send it before the deadline set by the retailer.



To make sure your return is handled in the best possible way:

  • Take care to pack your parcel correctly
  • Stick the label in the right place
  • Send it before the deadline set by the retailer.

Prepaid return label

  1. Hide all original labels

  2. Clearly indicate the name and address of the sender on the external packaging

  3. Stick the prepaid return label to your parcel

  4. Your parcel is ready to be returned

Dropping off your return

Once your parcel is ready, it’s up to you to choose how to return it:

  • Via a post office
  • A Point POST
  • A PackUp 24/24 station

Did you know?

Returning your parcels at a PackUp 24/24 station is easy and free, and you don’t need to be registered! Go to the PackUp 24/24 station of your choice and follow the instructions on the screen.

What types of parcel are accepted at a PackUp 24/24 station?

Parcels can only be dropped off at a PackUp 24/24 station if they meet the criteria below. All other return parcels must be registered at a POST office.

  • Parcels with a prepaid return label bearing the words Cycleon, ERS or Amazon retour
  • Maximum dimensions: 750 x 440 x 610 mm
  • Maximum weight: 30 kg


Return conditions  

Certain conditions must be respected when returning dangerous goods, because they require special handling:

  • Lithium batteries must be inside the electronic device, if they were already installed at the time you received the parcel
  • Do not return batteries that were sent separately or alongside the item
  • The maximum quantity of batteries permitted in each parcel is:
    • 2 rechargeable lithium batteries
    • 4 single-use lithium batteries
  • The batteries must not be damaged or defective.

Please follow all of these instructions, to make sure that your goods are returned in perfect condition.

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