Secure access and payments with LuxTrust

LuxTrust devices guarantee optimal security for your online operations.

With LuxTrust, enjoy maximum security for free


Access your eBanking and validate your online purchases via 3D Secure securely with your LuxTrust certificate.


Enjoy a high level of security, anywhere and anytime.


Activate the LuxTrust app for free with your Token and go fully mobile.

Use one single Certificate for multiple applications

Using the same LuxTrust Certificate, you can:

  • Securely log in to eboo and carry out your transactions online
  • Log in to all of LuxTrust's partner banks
  • Fill out your tax returns online
  • Carry out administrative formalities on the unique government platform "MyGuichet"

First Login

Première connexion

Consultez notre guide de première connexion si vous n’avez pas encore de Token Luxtrust !

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First Login

Read our first login guide if you don’t have a LuxTrust Token yet

Discover our guide

Éischt Verbindung

Consultéiert eisen éischte Verbindungsguide wann Dir nach kee Luxtrust Token hutt!

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Primeira conexão

Ver o nosso guia de login pela primeira vez se ainda não tem um Token Luxtrust!

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You can also benefit from the LuxTrust Mobile app

Your current physical LuxTrust Token can now be used on your smartphone thanks to the LuxTrust Mobile app. Connect securely to your banking apps, validate your transactions and sign electronically wherever you are!

How to activate LuxTrust mobile?

  • Download the LuxTrust Mobile app from your App Store or Google Play
  • Link your LuxTrust certificate to the LuxTrust Mobile app by following the instructions on screen
  • Once LuxTrust Mobile has been set up, log in to eboo
  • Select the LuxTrust Mobile device and enter your LuxTrust login details
  • Click on the QR code to generate an OTP
  • Confirm by using your PIN, Touch ID or Face ID


Warning: once your LuxTrust Mobile app has been activated, keep your current physical Token. You will still need it to perform certain operations on eboo or to reinstall the LuxTrust Mobile app if your phone is lost/stolen.

How do to obtain a LuxTrust Certificate?

If you are not yet a eboo customer, you can get a LuxTrust certificate by requesting eBanking access in a POST office or via this form to return to

Have a question about eboo?

Call us on 8002 8004 or +352 2424 8004 for international calls, Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 20:00.

No need for a Token anymore!

If you have a Luxtrust Token, switch to the mobile app now. Find out how here!