Parcel drop off at PackUp station 24/24

Drop off your parcels directly in a PackUp station without going through the post office counter or the queue.

Why choose PackUp station parcel drop-off?


No need to go to a POST point of sale to send a parcel.


As soon as your package is stamped, you can drop it off at the nearest PackUp station.


PackUp station drop-off is completely free of charge. All you need to do is put a stamp on your package.

How it works

To send your parcels from a PackUp station at any time, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to MyPost and click on "Online postage"

  2. Buy the postage corresponding to your package

  3. Postage and drop off your parcel for free at the PackUp station of your choice

You don't have a MyPost account or a scale to weigh your package?

Go to the Espace POST of your choice to buy the postage corresponding to your parcel on a Self-Service machine then drop it off at the PackUp station.

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Track your package at any time

Easily track your shipment using our Track and Trace tool

Track a parcel

Returning a shipment to a PackUp station

You can also return your parcels directly to the PackUp station.

Return a parcel

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