PostTV decoder collection

Give new life to your decoder. Once our partners have reconditioned it, someone else will be able to use it.

What are the benefits?

Bring in your TV decoder: a minor act with major impact.

Environmental impact

POST takes back all equipment that it sells to give it a new lease of life or help recycle the parts.
Just bring your decoder in to one of our POST Telecom shops or give it to a technician visiting your home. We’ll take care of the rest.

Circular impact

POST has its partner, Ligue HMC, check the decoders. If it still works, your device will be reconditioned and given to other customers. This approach reflects POST’s circular economy strategy.

Social impact

If it no longer works or is damaged, it will be taken apart and its components recycled. For the reconditioning and disassembly of your TV decoders, POST works locally with Ligue HMC, which helps individuals with learning difficulties to enter the workplace with social and professional inclusion in mind. 

Discover the collaboration between POST and the Ligue HMC in video

How do I return my PostTV decoder?

Give it to your installer during a visit to your home, or put it in a collection box at one of our shops and we’ll take care of the rest.

You can return it with or without the packaging, cables or remote control – it doesn’t need to have everything that came with it to be accepted.

Answers to your questions

Yes, normally your decoder saves your ID, login details and other types of information. You are advised to delete the personal data collected by your box. 

This is one of the steps that POST suggests you take before giving back your PostTV decoder. You can call one of our advisors free of charge on 8002 8004 (lines open 24/7) so that they can guide you through the process. 

You don’t need everything. You can return it with or without the packaging, cables or remote control.

Recycling services

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Do you have any other questions? 

Call us free of charge on 8002 8004 or +352 2424 8004 for international calls, 24/7.

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