It's easy to change operator with POST

POST can help you terminate your contract with your current operator.

Would you like to cancel your current contract and move to a POP Internet subscription?

How to cancel in 3 steps:

It’s simple! POST can help you.

All the information you need to cancel your contract with your current operator is summarised below.

  1. Step 1

    Make an appointment to install your new services (to make sure you aren’t left without any internet connection).

  2. Step 2

    Complete the cancellation letter, taking care to verify the information given.

    If you want to keep your landline number, don’t forget to apply to POST for porting before sending the cancellation letter to your current operator.

    Good to know: all operators require a one month notice period.*

  3. Step 3

    Send the cancellation letter by registered delivery with acknowledgement of receipt.

Where can I find my operator's address?

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*Contracts, if tacitly renewed, can be terminated by end-users “at any time subject to a one-month notice period, and without incurring any costs other than the charges related to the reception of the service during the notice period”.

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