Our bank cards

Choose an environmentally friendly bank card that meets your needs from our full range of credit and debit cards.

Our cards are environmentally friendly

All POST bank cards are made from recycled plastic or plant-based plastic made from cornstarch.


Visa Gold card

Pay easily worldwide, in-store or online and get extensive insurance cover at a competitive price.

  • Secure online purchases
  • Fee-free payments worldwide in any currency (max. €5,000/month) (1)
  • Fee-free withdrawals worldwide in any currency (max. €2,500/week) (1)
  • Repayments can be spread over 10 months (3)
  • Authorised overdraft
  • Daily and travel insurance
  • Extended insurance coverage: travel accidents, lost or stolen baggage, purchase protection, car rental, and many more.

Included in the eboo L package.


Visa card

Pay easily worldwide, in-store or online and enjoy day-to-day useful insurance

  • Secure online purchases
  • Fee-free payments worldwide in any currency (max. €2,500/month) (1)
  • Fee-free withdrawals worldwide in any currency (max. €2,500/week) (1)
  • Around 20 days of free credit
  • Authorised overdraft
  • Everyday insurance coverage : in-store and online purchase protection, delivery insurance of online purchase and travel accident.

Included in the eboo M package.


Easy Visa card

The only prepaid bank card in Luxembourg that can be topped up at any time

  • Secure online purchases
  • Free card payments worlwide in any currency (max €1,500/week) (1)
  • Free cash withdrawals worldwide in any currency (max €1,500/week) (1)
  • Top-up limit: 2500€

Available without account or in option in the packages eboo Basic, S, M or L.


Visa Debit card

Ideal for your day-to-day spending, in-store and online. Visa Debit allows free worldwide payments and withdrawals – a POST Finance exclusive – and is compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay!

  • Secure online shopping
  • Fee-free payments worldwide, any currency (max 2500/week) (1)
  • Fee-free cash withdrawals anywhere in the world on any ATM (max €2500/week) (1)

Included in the eboo S, eboo M and eboo L packages. 
This card replaces the currently active V PAY cards.


V PAY card

Active V PAY cards are currently being replaced free of charge with Visa Debit cards. Your V PAY will deactivate one month after you receive your Visa Debit or when you first use your new card.

Compare cards

Discover our entire range of bank cards: Visa Debit card, Easy Visa prepaid card, Visa and Visa Gold credit cards.

All our cards are available in our eboo packages

With an eboo package you benefit from:

  • The simplest offer on the market
  • Free online transfers in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF to any destination
  • Free card payments worldwide
  • Free cash withdrawals from any ATM worldwide

Make payments in a flash with contactless technology!

All our cards offer contactless payment for amounts of up to €50. Forget inserting your card and entering your code – all you have to do to make a payment is to hold your card to the payment terminal: it is  convenient, quick and fully secure.

Activate 3D Secure!

3D Secure technology makes online credit card payments even more secure: use 3D Secure to validate your purchases with your LuxTrust device.

Discover the eboo benefits related to your POST payment card

  • Price cuts, reduced rates and good deals in Luxembourg and the greater region
  • A wide range of partner merchants, from small to large brands
  • Discounts on the online ticketing platform
  • Discounts in shops on simple presentation of your POST payment card
  • An evolving selection of partners, with flash promos and standing offers!
  • For all tastes: shopping, amusement park, travels, and more…

Available exclusively to all holders of one or more POST bank cards and an eBanking access.

If your card is lost or stolen or your PIN is disclosed,

call +352 49 10 10 (24/7) immediately to block your card. You will not be liable for transactions made after the card has been blocked.

Comparative grid

Compare quickly our 4 bank cards

Easy Visa


Visa Debit




Visa Gold








Online purchases

Free payments and cash withdrawals





Payments limits

€1500/week (1)

€2500/week (1)

€2500/week (1)

€5000/week (1)

Cash withdrawals limits

€1500/week (1)

€2500/week (1)

€2500/week (1)

€2500/week (1)

Authorised overdraft

Repayments payable over 10 months

Everyday insurance coverage (4)

Extended insurance coverage (5)

Access to eboo benefits

1/ For a credit card, this limit is subject to the monthly limit offered by your card. For a debit card, this weekly limit cannot be changed.

2/ The V PAY card is accepted in these countries:
Countries of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.
Countries outside the European Union: Andorra, Gibraltar, Greenland, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

3/ Annual interest rate of 12% on the outstanding balance. For expenses of 2,000€, a monthly repayment of 10% of the amount applies, i.e. 200€. To this is added 12% Visa interest calculated on the outstanding balance of 1,800€.

4/ Insurance for in-store purchases, online purchases and travel accidents. Applicable when paying with your Visa or Visa Gold card.

5/ Travel cancellation insurance, baggage protection, car rental, transport delay, winter sports, theft, phishing, multiples assistance and extended product warranty. Applicable when paying with your Visa Gold card.

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