With the V PAY debit card it’s easy to make payments and withdraw money in Luxembourg and in Europe.

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then from €3/month from 10/01/2022 with the pack eboo S

  • Pay in Luxembourg and in Europe wherever you see the V PAY logo (limited to €1,500 per week)
  • Withdraw cash from more than 365,000 ATMs across Europe; free of charge from all POST and Raiffeisen ATMs in Luxembourg (limited to €1,500 per week)
  • Check your POST current account balance at the POST or Raiffeisen ATMs of your choice
  • Change your card’s PIN at POST ATMs
  • Make payments of up to €50 with contactless technology
  • Authorised overdraft

Track your spending with your eboo account

With eboo, POST’s eBanking service, manage your money in a matter of clicks, remotely and in real time

eboo is available for PC, smartphone and tablet.

Screen application eboo

Order your V PAY card online

Any customer holding a POST current account individually or jointly is eligible for a V PAY debit card. (If you are under 18, you can apply for a debit card with the permission of your legal representative.)

Don’t have a POST current account yet? Open your account online by using LuxTrust: it is quick, easy and free.

If your card is lost or stolen or your PIN is disclosed,

call +352 49 10 10 (24/7) immediately to block your card. You will not be liable for transactions made after the card has been blocked.

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Call us on 8002 8004 or +352 2424 8004 for international calls, Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

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