What is the repairability index?

The reparability index has been in use in France since January 2021. It is a tool provided for in the French Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Law designed to provide consumers with better information on the extent to which their products can be repaired.

A score from 0 to 10 denotes the product’s degree of reparability. The higher the score, the easier it will be to repair.

The index covers three types of product:

  • Domestic appliances (vacuum cleaners/washers)
  • Multimedia (smartphones, televisions and laptops)
  • Garden equipment and machinery (high-pressure cleaners, lawnmowers)

What are the aims of the repairability index?

  • To encourage manufacturers to develop sustainable products that are easily to maintain and repair. The goal is to extend the life of a given product and to reduce waste.

  • To allows consumers to easily compare products in terms of reparability and make an informed decision.

  • To reduce electronic waste by encouraging consumers to repair their products instead of throwing them away and buying new ones.

  • To encourage consumers to repair products rather than replace them, thus promoting a circular economy and reducing the consumption of natural resources. Recycle – POST Group

What are the criteria for scoring the reparability index?  

The manufacturer assigns a reparability index score based on five criteria.

  1. Documentation: the quality and availability of technical documentation to help repair products.
  2. Disassemblability: the ease with which a product can be disassembled to gain access to components or parts that need replacing.
  3. Availability of spare parts: how easy it is to obtain the spare parts needed to repair the product.
  4. Price of spare parts: how much spare parts cost.
  5. Specific criteria: product-specific criteria including software updates, how helpful the website is, any hotlines, etc.

How to compare smartphones using the repairability index? 

On the post.lu website, you can compare up to three devices based on their technical characteristics, including the reparability index.

What can I do if my smartphone is broken or not working? 

Go to your nearest Espace POST to return your damaged smartphone. It will then be sent to our POST Luxembourg After-Sales Service for repair.

POST Luxembourg partnership with Oekotopten 

Post Luxembourg has been partnered with Oekotopten since November 2022. The aim of this cooperation is to repair, reuse and recycle more electronic devices in order to extend their life and use, consume fewer raw materials, and avoid waste. This campaign will help to make consumers more aware of the need to protect the planet’s natural resources, provide information on certain features (such as a device’s repairability) and help them use their devices for longer and more efficiently.

In order to feature on Oekotopten’s list of smartphones by repairability index score and in the catalogue of smartphones available with POST Luxembourg – POST, all devices must meet the following criteria:

  • Repairability index score of 6.0 or more
  • The reparability index data corresponds to the manufacturer's data in accordance with the guidelines of the French Ministry of Ecological Transition

Post se base conjointement sur les indices de réparabilités fournis par les fournisseurs et par Oekotopten.