How can I switch from the temporary number saved on my iPhone to my old mobile phone number when changing operator?

If you would like to transfer your phone number from your former operator to POST, then a temporary number will be allocated and saved on your iPhone until all technical steps have been completed.

This temporary number is activated immediately so that you can start using the POST service right away.

Once all technical steps have been followed, you’ll have to replace the temporary number on your iPhone with your old mobile number to finish changing operator.

Please follow these steps to complete the changeover, and keep your old mobile number:

  1. On the homepage, tap Settings

  2. Tap Facetime and deactivate

  3. Facetime has been deactivated

  4. Then, select Message and deactivate the iMessage feature

  5. iMessage has been deactivated

  6. Then, go to General

  7. Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone

  8. Select Reset and then Reset Network Settings. Confirm

  9. Tap Reset Network Settings

  10. Then, wait 24 to 48 hours before reactivating the Facetime and iMessage features

  11. Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone

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