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I can no longer access the PostTV Go app using the voucher received when subscribing to BAMBOO. What should I do?

When you subscribed to BAMBOO with TV, you received a voucher giving you free access to PostTV Go for a period of 2 months. After this period, the identifiers given on the voucher are no longer valid. It is therefore necessary to use your PostTV identifiers to continue enjoying PostTV Go. 

Please follow the instructions below to retrieve your PostTV identifiers:

When you subscribed, you received a document with the following identifiers: "Service number" and "Activation code". These identifiers will allow you to access your PostTV Go account.

Can't find the document? Your identifiers are also available in the interface of your PostTV decoder. Please follow these instructions to find them:

  1. Switch on your decoder
  2. Go to the “SETTINGS” menu
  3. Select the “Subscription details” tile
  4. Your login details are shown in yellow

If you still can’t find your login details, please contact one of our advisors free of charge on  8002 8004.

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