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My internet connection keeps cutting out. What should I do?

If your computer is connected to your FRITZ!Box by Ethernet cable, restart your router. If the problem persists, please call one of our advisors free of charge on 8002 8004 (lines open 24/7) so that they can assess the problem. 

If you have a wireless/Wi-Fi connection, remember that speed can never be guaranteed with this kind of connection. Please connect your computer to the router using an Ethernet cable. If the problem persists, turn your router off and on again. If you’ve checked and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with your line, please contact one of our advisers free of charge on 8002 8004, so that they can find a solution with help from a technician. 

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Do you have any other questions? 

Call us free of charge on 8002 8004 or +352 2424 8004 for international calls, 24/7.

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