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How do I configure my FRITZ!Box 7490 router?

Just follow the steps below to configure your router manually. Before you start the process, make sure you have the password that was posted to you.

First of all, check the software version of your FRITZ!Box and if possible launch an update:

  • Open your usual browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.).

  • In the address bar, type “” or enter the local IPv4 address of your Fritzbox 7490. By default, this will be -> Enter.


  • Type in your password to enter the user interface.
  • Once in the interface, check that you are in “advanced” and not “standard” mode in the three-dot menu at the top-right of the page. You can only configure your router in advanced mode.

FRITZ!Box 7490 manual configuration

This concerns any FRITZ!Box sold before May 2016:

Let’s now configure your FRITZ!Box! Before you start configuring your router, you must know:

  • your internet username sent to you by post.

the type of your line (VDSL, VDSL-Bonding, GPON or GPON XL), in exemple:

  • VDSL2 for BAMBOO S/M with a connection to the DSL/TEL port of the FRITZ!Box

  • VDSL2-Bonding for BAMBOO M with a Sagemcom/ZTE connection to the LAN1 port

  • GPON for BAMBOO S/M/L/XL with a connection to the LAN1 port

When following the configuration process below, you will be asked to select MONO Line or MULTI Line. We recommend trying with “MONO Line”. If this doesn’t work, try again by choosing Multi Line.

To configure your FRITZ!Box, click on “Internet” and select the “Account Information” sub-menu under “Internet Service Provider”, select “POST LUXEMBOURG” and in “Type of connection” choose your profile:

  • POST xDSL Mono > For VDSL2 Bamboo S/M.
  • POST xDSL Multi > For VDSL2 LuxFiber S/M.
  • POST LAN1/WAN Multi > For Bonding LuxFiber and GPON LuxFiber S/M/L.
  • POST LAN1/WAN Mono > For Bonding Bamboo and GPON Bamboo plus XL.

Under “Account Information” enter the Internet username sent to you by post. -> And “Apply”.

  • Your Internet connection will now be checked automatically.

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