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Magnetic field are classified by WHO as "potentially carcinogenic". Is there any need to be concerned about a risk to public health ?

There are four categories: 1 (carcinogenic), 2A (probably carcinogenic), 2B (possibly carcinogenic), 3 (unclassifiable) and 4 (probably not carcinogenic).

Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (mobile phones, base stations (phone towers), wireless phones (DECT), Wi-Fi2, etc.) are classified in category 2B. Note that the WHO classifies coffee in category 2B.

At present, none of the many scientific studies that have been conducted on this subject for several decades have shown any risk. The only observation was a slight increase in body temperature.

The principle of prevention, however, still applies and POST scrupulously follows the criteria on emissions established by the Luxembourg authorities, which are among the strictest in the world.