How do I check the box connection if it won’t connect to the internet?

Follow the instructions below to check the connection of your Data Box: 

  1. Check that the power supply light on your box is permanently on. If not, plug it into a power outlet.
  2. Access the web management page or the box app to check your network status.
  3. If no SIM card is detected, turn the box off, unplug the adapter, reinsert the SIM card and try again.
  4. If the PIN isn’t verified, enter the required PIN and try again.
  5. If no network is available, move the box to a suitable spot in the room to get a better signal (near the window, for example), then try again.

If you’ve tried all the suggested solutions and the problem persists, please contact one of our advisors free of charge on 8002 8004.

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