Fibre optic is BAMBOO



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Blue Box Limited Edition



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Special offer for iPhone 7 Plus!

The iPhone 7 Plus 256GB for €0 with a SCOUBIDO L (with smartphone) package or higher level over 24 months.

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Say hello to the future

Take even more advantage of the iPhone X with SCOUBIDO and Streaming&Social:

up to 20GB dedicated to your favorite apps included!

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Point POST Q8 Leudelange!

New POST Telecom Shop in Differdange !

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New stamps

Autumn edition 2018

Discover in this new issue: bloc about 100 years end of World War I and special stamps about 125 years Artists association of Luxembourg, Jean Mich exhibition at the MNHA, 50 years “Mouvement Ecologique”, 50th anniversary of the Miami University in Luxembourg and breast cancer prevention.

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POST - WiFi Calling option

WiFi Calling option

Make calls anywhere with WiFi access in Luxembourg.

WiFi Calling means you can make or receive calls in an area where network coverage is poor, e.g. a well-insulated house.

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Conditions COURRIER

Useful information


The conditions of POST Courrier and POST Technologies evolve with regard to the rules applicable to the protection of your personal data.

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POST - Folder Octobre

October 2018

Take advantage of good deals!

Discover our mobile offers, mail services and much more…

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Definitions that are clearer and that are harmonised with the other banks!


Bonne nouvelle pour nos clients ! À partir du 1er décembre 2018, POST Finance ainsi que les autres banques du marché harmonisent leur manière de communiquer (Réglementation sur les comptes de paiement). Dorénavant chaque banque utilisera les mêmes termes pour une meilleure compréhension.

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