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New Point POST in Cactus Shoppi Bascharage GULF!



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OPERA PLUS: wanting more is only natural.
The more services you use, the more you win.



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PostTV is free on all BAMBOO packages



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Watch PostTV Go everywhere in Europe!

Tired of holiday hotels where you can’t find a TV channel in your language?
From now on, the PostTV Go app will bring a bit of home to you on holiday.

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Say hello to the future

Take even more advantage of the iPhone X with SCOUBIDO and Streaming&Social:

up to 20GB dedicated to your favorite apps included!

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Get until 20GB bonus for your favourite apps

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Netflix, Spotify...

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The "SFR Sport 4K" channel is entering the XtraSport package.

Watch your favorite sports competitions in Ultra High Definition quality.

Enjoy without further delay a new TV experience!

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POST - WiFi Calling option

WiFi Calling option

Make calls anywhere with WiFi access in Luxembourg.

WiFi Calling means you can make or receive calls in an area where network coverage is poor, e.g. a well-insulated house.

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Useful information

New general and specific conditions of POST Telecom from 1 May, 2018.

Simpler, clearer and in compliance with new legal requirements. Go to our website www.post.lu/terms or any POST sales outlet to consult them.

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POST - The costs will be changing

Important information

New general terms and conditions of POST Finance on 2 April, 2018.

Simpler, clearer and in compliance with new legal requirements.
Go to our website at www.post.lu or any POST point of sale to consult it.

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POST - iPhone Red disponible

iPhone 8 (RED)


Every (RED) purchase contrubtes directly to the global fund to fight AIDS.

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