Our packaging and envelope pricing

POST has developed a whole range of envelopes and packaging, postage prepaid or not, at flat rates. Each model has its own colour for quicker identification.

Perfect for:


A colourful range suitable for any item


Choose from 4 different packaging formats.


Pictograms help you with stamping.


All our packaging is recyclable and printed with recycled inks.

Our PostPack prices

PostPack is a range of four packaging formats designed for just about any situation, with pictograms for ease of use and payment, and sealing with adhesive strips.

Grey Box

  •  Dimensions: 250 x 178 x 100 mm

  •  Postage costs: L XL

Yellow Box

  • Dimensions: 324 x 298 x 97 mm  

  • Postage costs: L XL XXL

Blue Box

  • Dimensions: 390 x 243 x 140 mm  

  • Postage costs: L XL XXL

Green Box

  • Dimensions: 490 x 285 x 188 mm  

  • Possible postage categories: XL XXL


A comprehensive range of prepaid packaging for Luxembourg and Europe


For need for stamping, packages are ready for posting.


A single price whether it’s for Luxembourg or Europe.


Tyvek or cardboard packaging is more rigid and better protects your shipments.

Our PostPack prices

Ready2Post, a convenient way to quickly and easily send items in Luxembourg and Europe, with no expiry. Our envelopes can still be used even if prices rise.

Windowless, box of 250

  •  US dimensions: 114 x 229 mm

  •  Max weight: 50g

Windowless, box of 100

  •  C5 dimensions: 162 x 229 mm

  • Max weight: 50g

Windowless, box of 100

  •  C4 dimensions: 229 x 324 mm

  •  Max weight: 500g

Tyvek®, per item

  • Dimensions: 162 x 229 mm

  • Max weight: 500g

Tyvek®, box of 50

  • Dimensions: 250 x 353 mm

  • Max weight: 500 g

Boxes, box of 50

  • Dimensions: 225 x 145 x 27 mm

  • Max weight: 2kg

Boxes, box of 50

  •  Dimensions: 340 x 210 x 30 mm

  •  Max weight: 2kg

Customize your envelopes by adding your logo!

You can customise all of your envelopes (US, C5 or C4). When you order, send us your logo in HD format and we’ll send you your envelopes with your logo printed in the right place.

SecurPack insurance

Insure the market value of your items.
SecurPack is our additional, comprehensive insurance covering loss and theft of national and international recorded deliveries: Registered letters and XL – XXL Parcels.
Service provided in partnership with Foyer.


Prohibited objects

Consult the list of items prohibited by postal transport.

Download document

Code douane UPU

Consult the list of customs codes of the Universal Postal Union.

Download document

Ordering envelopes and parcels

Order your PostEnvelopes, PostPack and Ready2Post.

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Personalized envelopes

Order your Ready2Post postage paid envelopes with your logo.

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