PRO and PRO+ packages

A simple and a more advanced package.

Our packages meet the needs of SMEs, freelancers, charities and large organisations.

Perfect for:
SMEs Associations freelancers start-ups large companies

Advantages of our PRO and PRO+ offer


Choose between our PRO and PRO+ packages based on your needs. Our products are transparent and straightforward, with no hidden costs.

Time saving

Manage your account and business online, in real time and with just a few clicks, thanks to our eboo eBanking platform or MultiLine.


Our packages require no commitment and adapt as your business and needs develop.

Our packs adapted to your needs

PRO pack

A basic solution that meets your daily needs

Included in this package

  • Current account

  • eboo eBanking access

  • Raiffeisen and Spuerkess account visibility

  • LuxTrust Mobile

  • Production of a RIB (account details slip)

  • Creation of standing orders

  • Free Online Transfer

  • Visa Debit included

  • Additional current account

+ €2/month
  • Visa Debit

+ €3/month
  • Visa

+ €5/month
  • Visa Gold

PRO+ pack

An advanced solution for your specific financial management and multi-banking needs

Included in this package

  • Current account

  • MultiLine eBanking access

  • Multi-banking management

  • SEPA direct debit

  • LuxTrust Smart Card Pro secure connection

  • Direct debits

  • Multiple account statement formats

  • Free Online Transfer

  • SEPA Direct Debit

  • Visa Debit included

  • Additional current account

+ 15€/mois
  • Mandats de prélèvement SEPA professionnels illimités

+ €2/MOnth
  • Visa Debit

+ €3/MOnth
  •  Visa

+ €5/MOnth
  •  Visa Gold

Answers to your questions

As a professional or a freelancer, you have to subscribe to a PRO or PRO+ package. eboo banking packages are reserved for retail customers.

Through its dedicated teams, POST Finance offers its customers an advice and support service, without an appointment, at its post offices from Monday to Saturday, or by phone on 8002 8004 from 7am to 8pm Monday to Saturday, or by e-mail at

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