eboo eBanking pro

POST’s eBanking platform to help your organization manage its finances in a few clicks, remotely and in real time on the device of your choice, simply.

Why choose eboo?


All your POST accounts on the same platform for simplified management of your finances.


Luxtrust secures your connection to eboo with two-factor authentication.


Your banking interface in 5 languages: FR, LU, DE, EN and PT… and on the device of your choice!

What’s possible with eboo

Consult and manage

Manage your account online.

Unlimited transfers

Set up one-off transfers and standing orders online, whether domestic or international, without limits.


Securely manage and add new beneficiaries.

Personal information

Manage your personal information directly.

Mobile payment

All Visa cards are compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Payconiq, Garmin and Fitbit Pay.

Secure messaging

Get in direct contact with your bank via eboo secure messaging.

Account details

Download your account details (RIB).

Card limits

Request a no-fuss change to your card limits.

Unlimited transfers

Set up one-off transfers and standing orders online, whether domestic or international with eboo pro

  • Without limits
  • Free of charge
  • All currencies

How do to obtain a LuxTrust Certificate?

When your current account is opened, the eboo app is accessible. For your first login, you will need to use your Luxtrust certificate.
If you do not have a certificate yet, you can send an online request via this form to send back to luxtrust@post.lu.

First Login

Première connexion

Consultez notre guide de première connexion si vous n’avez pas encore de Token Luxtrust !

Consulter le guide

First Login

Read our first login guide if you don’t have a LuxTrust Token yet

Discover our guide

Éischt Verbindung

Consultéiert eisen éischte Verbindungsguide wann Dir nach kee Luxtrust Token hutt!

Entdeckt eisen Guide

Primeira conexão

Ver o nosso guia de login pela primeira vez se ainda não tem um Token Luxtrust!

Descobre o nosso guia

Account aggregation

View directly in their eBanking eboo application your different accounts (current accounts, R-Top savings account, etc.) held with other banks.

Bank cards

Choose the POST payment card that is suitable for your organization.

Need some help?

We accompany you via secure messaging in eboo, or by phone at 8002 8004 (+352 2424 8004 from abroad), Monday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm.

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One app – several banks!
Use eboo for a quick overview of accounts held with other banks.

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Welcome Pack

To assist you during your process, you will find here all the necessary documents to open a professional account.

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Do you have any other questions? 

Call us free of charge on 8002 4000 or +352 2424 8004 for international calls form Monday to Saturday from 7am until 8pm, or by email at contactpro.finance@post.lu

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