Postage paid

Your own postmark on your items!
No more stamps. Postage paid is a customised postmark printed on envelopes directly.

Perfect for:

Why choose postage paid?

Particularly suited to bulk sending, it can also be used when making a number of smaller deliveries with all types of envelopes, and for any destination.


Print your mark directly on your item, stamp or label.


No more need for stamping; your postage paid mark is all that’s required.


Get special rates subject to contract terms.

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Please contact the Customer Relations Department to get postage paid and learn about the special terms and conditions.

SecurPack insurance

Insure the market value of your items.
SecurPack is our additional, comprehensive insurance covering loss and theft of national and international recorded deliveries: Registered letters and XL – XXL Parcels.
Service provided in partnership with Foyer.


Prohibited objects

Consult the list of items prohibited by postal transport.

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Code douane UPU

Consult the list of customs codes of the Universal Postal Union.

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Ordering envelopes and parcels

Order your PostEnvelopes, PostPack and Ready2Post.

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Personalized envelopes

Order your Ready2Post postage paid envelopes with your logo.

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