Your new eBanking that is activated by Touch ID or Face ID!

Manage your money in just a few clicks.
You have not adopted eboo yet? Come to one of our POST shops: eboo is waiting for you!

eBanking made easy


Simple and intuitive

All of your accounts and cards at a glance

Live the same experience on your smartphone, tablet and desktop


Reliable and flexible

Activate eboo by Face ID, Touch ID or with a PIN code depending on your smartphone.

Enhanced security for your operations with LuxTrust.



Customise your eBanking: show what matters to you by choosing your favorite accounts and cards.

Choose between 4 languages: LU, FR, DE and EN!

Connect to eboo - POST Luxembourg

Do you already have access to POST’s eBanking?

Sign in immediately to eboo with your LuxTrust device!

Download also the new eboo application and activate the easy login: eboo will activate with Face ID, Touch ID or a PIN code, depending on the features of your smartphone.

Download eboo:

Your daily banking

With the new features of eboo, managing your day-to-day operations becomes even easier and adapts to your needs:

  • Consult:
    • All of your accounts and bank cards at a glance.
    • Your account and card statements.
  • Pay:
    • Initiate online transfers: single or permanent and national or international.
    • Create and manage new beneficiaries safely.
    • Make payments with your smartphone via the Digicash app.
  • Manage:
    • Request a change to the limit of your cards.
    • Visualize your future operations to better anticipate.
    • Recharge your Easy Visa card in a few clicks.
    • Activate the paperless option.
  • Personalise:
    • Choose your favorite accounts and cards, rename your accounts.
    • Change the order of your accounts and cards.
    • Manage your personal information directly.
  • Communicate:
    • Get directly in touch with POST Finance via eboo's secure messaging.
    • Download directly a Bank account details slip (RIB).

Adopt eboo - POST Luxembourg

To adopt eboo, you need:

Then connect to eboo and follow the first connection guide!

Adopter eboo

Download eboo:




Security, our priority!

To navigate in a highly secure environment, the first activation of eboo requires your authentication via a LuxTrust device. Then activate the easy login and log in with the lock system of your smartphone (such as fingerprint, face recognition or PIN code).


Contact us at 8002 8004 or +352 2424 8004 from abroad.
From Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, our team will answer all your questions about the features and news of eboo.