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How to set up a SEPA domiciliation?

Here's how to sign up for a SEPA domiciliation:

  • To set up a SEPA domiciliation for a mobile subscription, the easiest way to create it, is by using the MyPost Telecom Mobile application, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.


Please have your IBAN number and LuxTrust device ready and follow these steps to activate you direct debit mandate:

  • Download the application “MyPost Telecom Mobile”.

  • Log in to your MyPost account by clicking on “Connect to MyPost”; NB: If you do not have a MyPost account, click on “Sign up”.

  • Once you have created your MyPost account and activated the “MyPost Telecom Mobile” app, click on “Invoices” at the bottom of the page and then on “Type of direct debit”.

  • Click on the field “Continue”.

  • Enter your IBAN number.

  • To confirm that you are the bank account holder, tick the box “Please confirm you are the bank account holder”, then click on “Continue to LuxTrust signature”.

  • Click on “Sign” to sign your contract.

  • Select your LuxTrust device and follow the LuxTrust steps, then click on “Sign”.

  • A confirmation message will appear. Click on “OK”.

  • Your direct debit mandate has just been activated.

N.B. For the moment, the option of adding a SEPA domiciliation from the App “MyPost Telecom Mobile” is only available for mobile contracts.

  • To set up a SEPA domiciliation for your fixed-line contract, you can send this form signed at the following e-mail address:


  • You can also go to a Espace POST to sign up for a SEPA domiciliation with one of our agents.