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What are the benefits of the SEPA* domiciliation?

  • The SEPA domiciliation is an automated process that makes it easier to pay your bills.

  • By subscribing to a SEPA domiciliation, you avoid reference or encoding errors.

  • The direct debit is made automatically, and you can choose the debit date.

  • The amount debited is exact and even considers any partial payments already made.

  • You have 10 working days to check, dispute or even stop the debit.

  • You can also ask for the automatic debit to be refunded within 8 weeks, without specifying the reason for your request.

  • If the supplier makes a mistake, you can request a refund within 13 months.

* SEPA or "Single Euro Payments Area" is a project initiated in 2002 by banking institutions to make payments between European countries as easy and as secure as national payments, by introducing three European payment methods: credit transfer, direct debit and card payment.