5G POWER Mobile package

The all-new, must-have 5G Mobile package. Calls/SMS/Internet included or unlimited.

But, above all, more than 500 video games with Blacknut.

iPhone 13
Your new superpower.


An ideal package for gamers

Powerful 5G

Connection speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s and very low latency.

Unrivalled plans

Calls/SMSes included in Luxembourg and the EU, up to 100GB of data in Luxembourg and the EU + additional data for unlimited use of your favourite apps. 

More than 500 video games

Enjoy the ultimate 5G cloud gaming experience with Blacknut, the world’s cloud gaming leader.

5G POWER & Blacknut

Live the 5G Cloud Gaming adventure: 

  • More than 500 video games available directly via the Blacknut app
  • No download, no installation
  • Streamed games
  • No need for a console
  • No commitment

Options and services available with 5G POWER



Crazy about gaming?

Gain access to a catalogue of over 500 video games, available ad free, with no console or gaming PC required, and no commitment. Blacknut is the cloud gaming option within everyone’s reach. Play PC-quality games directly on your mobile*.


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Pack Advantage


Mobile and landline customer?

Reap numerous benefits by combining a Mobile plan with a BAMBOO TV + Internet + Landline package.

Around the World


The world awaits with open arms!

Calls/SMS and mobile internet options to travel with peace of mind. USA, Canada, Zone 2…don’t hold back. From S to L, choose the option that’s right for you.



A comprehensive guarantee for complete peace of mind!

Take away the stress... choose Garantie+ to protect your mobile from loss, theft, damage and much more!


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Manage your plan directly from the MyPost Telecom app

With MyPost, it’s easy to track and manage your plan. You can also view your bills for the previous six months.

5G POWER-related products

Unlimited Mobile Internet with the Pack Advantage

Interested in a free addition to your mobile data allowance?

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SCOUBIDO, the flagship Mobile range

A range of seven 5G plans, from mini to MAXI, with Calls/SMS/Internet included or unlimited. 5G is included at no additional cost.


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Answers to your questions

SCOUBIDO is the flagship mobile range: Calls, SMS, Internet, included or unlimited with 5G at no additional cost. There are seven plans and numerous options. 5G POWER is the new 5G mobile package with a connection speed of up to 1Gbit/s, allowing you to stream more than 400 video games with the Blacknut cloud gaming option. There are three plans, with Internet volumes of up to 100 GB.

Blacknut is a video game streaming service that lets its users play a wide variety of video games immediately, directly from the catalogue, without having to wait to download or install them. Instead of paying for each game individually, you pay for a monthly subscription that lets you access a catalogue of more than 400 video games.

To activate the option, you have the choice of signing up to 5G POWER (option free for 12 months), or to the option itself (from €9.99/month with no commitment) through your SCOUBIDO or BusinessEurope plan. You will receive a code by text message for you to create your account and then install Blacknut on the screens of your choice.

1. Calls, SMS and MMS Europe to Europe: Calls, SMS, MMS from a European country to a landline or mobile number in a European country (including the 4G and/or 5G mobile network depending on availability and compatibility with your handset), voicemail consultation, calls to VoIP numbers and data. Excluding special numbers, fax, video calls and premium SMS (prices available on our Terms and Conditions page). 

2. Data traffic: data communications from a mobile network (including the 4G and/or 5G mobile network depending on availability and compatibility with your handset). 1 MB = 1024 KB. Various factors may affect the speed. More information on speeds can be found in the Net Neutrality document. As provided for by European regulations, POST applies a policy for European usage, which corresponds to at least the total volume included in the package at no additional cost. 

3. Units used to and from Europe are deducted from plans in the order that POST Telecom S.A. processes billing data sent by foreign operators. This will depend on the technical constraints inherent to the billing system and the dates on which this data is received; POST Telecom S.A. cannot guarantee that this order will match the chronological order of communications. The term “Europe” refers to zone 1 on the list shown in the international and roaming tariffs section. Beyond the plan limit for Europe, a surcharge of €0.0053, inclusive of tax, is applied for each MB in accordance with current regulations. 

4. Maximum speed theoretically achievable with 5G technology. The actual speed depends on several factors such as network availability and the settings of the device used. More information in the Net Neutrality Document. 

5. Blacknut is a multi-platform unlimited gaming service. In the event of one of the Blacknut options or a POST package that includes a Blacknut option being cancelled, the Blacknut account will also be cancelled. Games saved through the Blacknut account are saved for six months. If customers sign up to Blacknut again during this period, either via POST Telecom or by any other means, they may retrieve their saved games provided that they keep the same username. The service is subject to Blacknut’s terms of use.

6. Data traffic domestically and in Europe for use of the applications shown in the exhaustive list on www.post.lu. The term “Europe” refers to zone 1 on the list shown in the international and roaming tariffs section. Beyond the traffic that is free with Streaming & Social, traffic will be deducted from the data volume included in the contract. Itemised charges will apply beyond the volume included in the package. The list of applications is subject to change. Traffic included in the Streaming & Social option does not include the volume used on links/videos outside the app itself. Some messaging/social apps may decide not to include calls and videoconferencing in the traffic included in Streaming & Social. 

7. Options subscribed for a minimum period of one month, renewable by tacit agreement, until the next contract expiry date (except with the Phone option taken out for 12 or 24 months). Termination of an option will be effective only 24 hours after POST Telecom S.A. receives such a request via the mobile app or by another other electronic sales channel or by termination letter from the client. As the Spotify service is not compatible with the 5G POWER package, it will be deleted if the customer changes package from one that did allow use of the service. 

8. With the Blocked Plan option, communications above the limit set for your plan are blocked. Calls received or made from a network that does not have a roaming agreement with Luxembourg are blocked. Blockage depends on the type of use, meaning that after reaching the Call/SMS/MMS limit, Calls/SMS/MMS are blocked, and after reaching the Data limit, Data usage is blocked. Emergency calls are still possible. The ExtraVolume option for adding extra data volume during the current month is blocked by default with a Blocked Plan option. Customers wishing to add an ExtraVolume option must first cancel their Blocked Plan option. 

9. The Garantie+ option is subscribed for a tacitly renewable period of one month until the next contract expiry date. Termination of the Garantie+ option will be effective only at the end of the month in which POST Telecom S.A. receives the termination letter sent by the client. See special terms and conditions applicable to Garantie+ on our Terms and Conditions page

10. Calls are considered to be voice calls and the same tariffs apply. Units are deducted from calls. 

11. ExtraVolume: service to which customers may subscribe so as to add domestic and European data volume after using the data volume included in the pricing arrangement. ExtraVolume is not compatible with the Blocked Plan option. The volume allocated by virtue of the ExtraVolume product must be used within the period that starts on the subscription date and ends on the last day of the calendar month during which it was subscribed to; any remainder not used during this period may not be carried over. The price of the ExtraVolume product is payable in full at the time of subscription, regardless of the actual number of days remaining until the end of the calendar month. The first ExtraVolume may be ordered at any time; a second ExtraVolume may be added when there is less than 2 GB left of the previous ExtraVolume.

12. Customers may subscribe to an option by sending an SMS to 64000 or visiting MyPost, which also allows them to track their usage. Clients may subscribe to more than one option at a time from the same or different categories (e.g. Data USA/Canada + Calls & SMS USA/Canada). Customers are notified by SMS when they subscribe to options and for tracking their usage (100%). Around the World options billing rate: Data per KB – Calls: per second (1"/1") 

5G: smartphones tested and checked on our 5G network. Compatible with our 5G POWER plans. 5G Coming: the smartphones are currently being certified on our 5G network and will soon be compatible with our 5G POWER plans. 

Do you have any other questions? 

Call us free of charge on 8002 8004 or +352 2424 8004 for international calls, 24/7.

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