For certain destinations, when the user was unable to connect to the network of an operator with whom POST Telecom has concluded a roaming agreement for coverage issues, the establishment of calls/SMS/MMS or Internet access will not be possible.
In the event that a foreign operator does not use the “CAMEL2” protocol with POST Telecom, traffic control cannot be carried out in real time; the consequences are as follows:

  • information on consumption may only be displayed delayed on MyPost;
  • outgoing communications are billed on a pay-as-you-use basis and are not included in the consumption pool;
  • blocking outgoing calls/SMS/MMS does not work, even if the “blocked plan” option is activated;
  • additional charges applied by the local operator on certain special numbers, which cannot be identified by POST in real time, are passed on to the POST bill for the calls/SMS/MMS concerned; By “special numbers” we mean numbers of type x800x, x900x, shortened numbers but also numbers of standard length in the country concerned for which the local operator applies additional charges, sometimes even if the number is advertised as free for local users in the country concerned;
  • outgoing calls from numbers on which the “communication recording” option is activated are not allowed.