Loss of a loved one

We assist you with the POST services subscribed by the deceased.

What steps should be taken now?

The death must be declared within 24 hours to the civil status office of the local administration of the place of death in order to obtain the death certificate.

To help you with all the procedures with POST, please send us the death certificate as well as your contact detail's:

  • by completing the online form
  • by sending an email to our address: contact.deces@post.lu
  • by sending a letter to POST Luxembourg, 38 place de la gare, L-1616 Luxembourg
  • in visiting a post office (sales network)

If you have any questions, you can call us under the freephone number 8002 8004 or +352 2424 8004 from abroad.

After receiving the death certificate, we will contact you.

If, as an heir, you wish to forward or hold back the deceased's mail you should go to a post office with your identity card and a deed of notoriety or a certificate issued by the Registrar’s office stating the names of the heirs.

Following the receipt of a death certificate, the law requires us to block the deceased's bank accounts. Learn more about the suspension:

For an individual account:

  • the account is blocked as well as the direct debits and standing orders
  • the receipt of funds/transfers remains active
  • payment and credit cards are blocked
  • all powers of attorney are cancelled
  • access to the EBOO application is cancelled
  • the payment of invoices concerning the last care and funeral expenses is possible, by sending us the originals by postal mail

For a joint account:

  • the account is not blocked 
  • direct debits and standing orders remain active
  • the receipt of funds/transfers remains active
  • payment and credit cards are not blocked
  • access to EBOO application is not cancelled

It is possible to take over a joint account between married people by filling out the takeover form and attaching a deed of notoriety or a certificate issued by the Administration of Registration, Domains and VAT.

The closure of a bank account requires a completed closure form, a deed of notoriety or a certificate issued by the Registrar's Office which specifies the names of the heirs, as well as an identity document for each heir.

Useful information

Within 6 months of the death, a declaration of inheritance must be made to the Administration of Registration, Domains and VAT, presenting the following documents

  • a complete copy of the death certificate;
  • a cadastral extract in case of real estate assets, to be requested from the Administration of Cadastre and Topography;
  • in case of a marriage contract, a notarial deed issued by a notary.

If the deceased's legal residence is in a border country, please consult the following links for more details on how to obtain the heritage document:

  • The appropriate health insurance fund (CMFEP, CNS, CFL mutual medical assistance, CMFEC)
  • Death fund
  • National Pension Insurance Fund (CNAP)
  • Insurance company(ies)
  • Your notary
  • Banking institute(s)
  • Electricity and gas supplier,
  • Your municipality for water, garbage, ...
  • Subscription to newspapers and magazines
  • National Society of Automobile Traffic (SNCA.lu)
  • Owner of the deceased's home
  • Employer
  • Consulate/embassy for foreign nationals

You will also find other useful information on the site : https://guichet.public.lu/fr/citoyens/famille/deces-disparition/deces-proche/declaration-deces.html