Standing orders and direct debits

Why not make life easier by setting up automatic recurring payments?

Standing orders and direct debits

Make your recurring payments automatically with standing orders

Why not consider a standing order to make life easier when paying your rent, repaying a loan, or putting money into your savings account, if the amounts are always the same? You choose the amount, frequency, execution and payment date, and payment is made automatically.

Set up your standing order however you like


Directly via eboo, the POST eBanking service, on the transfer page

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Your bills paid automatically by direct debit

Direct debit makes paying your bills completely stress-free.

You authorise a company (electricity, water, gas, phone provider) to deduct the billing amount from your account directly.

Your bills paid automatically by direct debit

Set up a direct debit

Contact the relevant provider directly so that it can send you a direct debit mandate.
You can also contact the provider directly if you wish to cancel a direct debit.

View your direct debits in eboo, the POST eBanking service.

eboo is also available on your smartphone

Download the eboo mobile app and activate the easy login option: eboo can be activated with Face ID, Touch ID or a password, depending on your smartphone. Log in using your fingerprint or facial recognition!

Still don’t have access to eboo?

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