MyPost Telecom

usage tracking and mobile plan management at your fingertips.

The MyPost Telecom app allows you to:

Keep track of your call, SMS, MMS and internet data usage in real time.

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Simply swipe to scroll quickly through all data usage and find out how much of your allowance has been used in just a few seconds.

Add or remove options for you and your family members.

POST - MyPost - Ajoutez ou supprimez des options

Your loved ones can even contact you using push messages.

Manage the profiles of your entire family...

POST - MyPost - Gérez les profils de toute votre famille…

You can grant or delete access rights for other users: primary administrator, administrator, authorised user or unauthorised user. Each member is allocated a suitable status.

Personalise your space to make it easier to use.

POST - MyPost - Personnalisez votre espace

By accessing your contacts, the app will automatically add photos of your family members to your profiles.

The MyPost Telecom app is...

POST - MyPost - Intuitive

Because an app should always be easy to use

POST - MyPost - Réactive

Swipe to instantly scroll through data usage for calls, MMS, Internet, options, etc.

POST - MyPost - Sécurisée

For peace of mind

POST - MyPost - Sur iOS et Android

Available on iOS and Android
Available free of charge on iOS and Android

How does it work?

Download MyPost Telecom free of charge from the App Store or the Play Store

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Create your account easily

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Enjoy all the features 24/7 in Luxembourg and abroad

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