Mobile Data Control Service

The service that helps you manage your mobile data use. 

The benefits


Cap your spending on roaming and domestic data for the SCOUBIDO and BASIC+ plans, and on roaming for the BASIC and TipTop plans.


Choose to increase your data limits by sending a text easily at no cost.


Your data usage can be increased by moving from one limit to a higher limit.

How does the service work?


  • Text EXTENDxx (service name + amount: cf. list of limits; e.g. EXTEND50) to 64046, and increase your data limit beyond that included in your mobile data plan

  • The limit defaults to €50 each month, but you can also choose another limit from €0 to €2,500
  • Requests for more than €2,500 must be made via the form available here
  • The move from one limit to a higher limit means you can manage data increases easily
  • Before you can move to a higher limit, you need to have used 80% of your current limit: you are automatically sent a text alert to tell you when you have used 80% of your current limit
  • If you have used 100% of your current limit, you receive a text informing you that your internet connections have been blocked: you can ask for them to be restored at a higher limit by texting EXTEND + your chosen amount (cf. list of limits) free of charge


Did you know?

Set a maximum extent to which your children can increase the data limit with the free EXTEND MAX option.

What are the available shortcodes?

Text one of the following codes to 64046 to activate the service:


Restore at a higher limit by texting the requested amount (cf. list of limits).


Receive a text indicating the steps to follow for increasing limits.


See how much you have spent on excess Data for the current month.


See whether the blocking mechanism is activated or not. NB: you could incur high costs if the mechanism is not activated.


Block excess plan usage permanently. You can always unblock it.

What are the available limits?


 Current limit  Requested limit  SMS code
 -  €0  EXTEND0
 €0  €25*  EXTEND25
 €25  €50*  EXTEND50
 €50  €100*  EXTEND100
 €100  €250*  EXTEND250
 €250  €500*  EXTEND500
 €500  €1000*  EXTEND1000
 €1000  €2500*  EXTEND2500


*For pay-as-you-go customers, these amounts include VAT. For contract customers, these amounts exclude VAT.

Changing the Data Control prevention mechanism

Download the form below to ask for the €2,500 limit to be lifted for the Data Control service.

Answers to your questions

Compatible plans for: 

  • The limit for spending on roaming and domestic data are SCOUBIDO and BASIC+
  • The limit for spending on roaming are BASIC and TipTop

The MyPost Telecom app allows you to track usage of your plan. It lets you monitor and manage past communications in real time.

When a limit is reached, you are sent a text stating that internet connections have been blocked.

Do you have any other questions? 

Call us free of charge on 8002 8004 or +352 2424 8004 for international calls, 24/7.

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