Appels WiFi option

Make calls in Luxembourg over the Wi-Fi network. The option itself is free, you just pay for your calls.

Our package at a glance


  • Quality network coverage: with Wi-Fi, you no longer have to worry about network signal strength
  • Instant calls: direct connection to your correspondent’s line
  • Unbroken communications: keep talking when you switch between a Wi-Fi network and POST’s mobile network
  • Normal use: make your calls as you normally do, without having to download an app
  • Simplicity: your calls are deducted from your plan, or billed at the normal rate for extra domestic calls

Manage your option directly from the MyPost Telecom app

With MyPost, you can activate or deactivate an option easily. You can also track your use of this option and your plan.

How to activate this option?

It couldn’t be easier! Just activate the service directly on your smartphone by following the steps below.

You must have activating the 4G Calling option (free) beforehand. To find out how to activate 4G Calling, click here .

Activation on your iOS smartphone

Follow these five steps and activate Appels WiFi in just a few clicks.

  • Select the “Settings” tab
  • Select the “Mobile data” tab
  • Select the “WiFi Calling” tab
  • Select the “WiFi Calling on this iPhone” tab
  • Then select “Activate

Activation on your Android smartphone

Follow these four steps and activate Appels WiFi in just a few clicks.

  • Go to your smartphone’s contact list
  • Select the “More” pictogram
  • Select “Settings
  • Select “WiFi Calling
  • Check that the activation tab is green. If it is, your WiFi calling is activated!

Answers to your questions

With the WiFi Calling option, you don’t make your calls through an app like WhatsApp or Skype. So you don’t need to install an app to take advantage of the service.

You use your smartphone’s or SIM card’s phone book, as you would to make a traditional call. Your correspondent sees your number or your contact name if you do not hide your number.

The WiFi Calling option is free and available from Luxembourg. Your calls are deducted from your Voice plan, or billed at the normal rate for extra calls.

The Appels WiFi related products

Appels 4G option

Calls received and made in Luxembourg over the 4G network.

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SCOUBIDO, the flagship mobile range

A range of seven 5G plans, from mini to MAXI, with Calls/SMS/Internet included or unlimited. 5G is included at no additional cost.


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