Digicash by Payconiq

Convert your smartphone into a mobile payment device! Pay your purchases and your bills securely with Digicash.

Digicash joins forces with Payconiq

With this partnership, Luxembourg residents can now make cross-border payments within the Benelux region. You can now make mobile payments in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands with your Digicash by Payconiq app.


Use your smartphone to pay for your shopping and settle your bills, whether online or in person.


Launch the Digicash app and scan the QR with your smartphone. Paid!


Use the same app to make mobile payments not just in Luxembourg but also in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Free and easy payment by smartphone

With Digicash by Payconiq, you can now use your smartphone to pay directly from your current account throughout the Benelux area.
What are the real benefits?

Transfer money

Quickly and securely send money from your bank account to any of your contacts by using their mobile phone number.

Pay your bills

Scan the QR Code and pay your bills in a matter of seconds: no more need to enter the invoice reference, amount or beneficiary.

Pay online or in-app

Online, you no longer need a credit card; just scan the QR code to pay. In-app, choose POST Digicash as your payment method: simplicity and security guaranteed.

Pay in stores

Place your smartphone next to the Digicash terminals or scan the QR Code and make fully contactless payments in stores and restaurants. You can now pay retailers in Belgium and the Netherlands by scanning Payconiq QR codes

Easy installation in just a few clicks

To use Digicash by Payconiq with your POST current account, you first need to follow a few steps to activate it:

  1. eboo login

    Log in to eboo 

  2. Settings

    Click on the three dots, then “Settings”, then “Bank settings” and finally “Digicash”.

  3. POST Digicash app

    Download the POST Digicash app and scan the QR Code to link your smartphone to your account.

  4. PIN

    Choose a PIN for confirming each payment.

It’s even easier to pay with Digicash:

  • Launch the Digicash app and use your smartphone’s camera to scan the QR Code presented to you at a checkout, on a bill or during an online purchase.
  • Enter your confidential PIN to confirm payment.
  • Check the payment details on the confirmation that you receive.
  • The amount in question is automatically debited from your POST current account.

Don’t have the Digicash by Payconiq app yet?

You can download your bank’s app from the App Store or Google Play.

Any questions about Digicash?

Go to digicash.lu for more information about Digicash and a list of retailers who accept it.

Logging in to eboo couldn’t be easier!

Information on how to log in to eboo can be found in the guide.