Important informations

Phishing. How can you protect yourself?

  • 1. POST will never ask you to provide personal information via a link in an e-mail or SMS
  • 2. Do not open SMS/emails from which you do not know the origin
  • 3. If in doubt, check the information on our official website: or by calling 8002-8004

Our security experts are constantly monitoring and identifying suspicious activity and trying to minimise the impact of malicious activity on our customers.

Temporary suspension of shipments to Ukraine lifted

Following a partial resumption of transport links to Ukraine, mail and parcel shipments to this destination have resumed since Monday 21 March 2022. Thus, mail and parcels to Ukraine are again accepted by POST Luxembourg. However, the delivery of shipments to the final destination cannot be guaranteed, nor can their tracking.

Please note that postal shipments to Russia are still suspended, as connections to Russia are interrupted.