Is it possible to work on a PC in the sun?

If you’re looking to take advantage of the sunshine and work on your patio, you can replace your desk with the garden table. However, some PCs are not really suitable for outdoor use – you may find that the brightness is insufficient, and you can’t read the screen properly, or that your PC starts to overheat. Here are a few tips to follow before setting up a desk outside.

Adjust your brightness

  • In Windows: go to "Settings" - "System" - "Display" and use the "Adjust the brightness" option.
  • On a Mac: go to Apple menu - "Systems Settings" - "Displays" and slide the brightness cursor.

Otherwise, you can also activate the "High Contrast mode" on your PC to invert the colours and make the text stand out more :

  • So for your PC : go to "Settings" - "Ease of Access" and in the left hand menu turn on "High Contrast".
  • On a Mac: "Systems Settings" - "Accessibility" - "Display", then check the box next to "Invert Colours".

Reduce glare

There are several ways to reduce glare:

  • You can add a protective film to reduce glare on your screen.
  • For a more comprehensive solution, you can get a sunshade for your laptop, such as the Walimex cabin or the Notebooktent from iCap.

Wear sunglasses

One of the main advantages of wearing sunglasses is enhanced visibility.

A few tips to make sure you don’t lose your smartphone

At home, on the go, in the office, on business trips and in meetings, you always have your smartphone in your hand, pocket or bag, or even on the table beside you – make sure you don’t lose it by taking a few simple precautions.

Find your smartphone

  • On iOS : go to "Settings" then "iCloud", then click on "Find My" and activate "Find My iPhone". To find your iPhone: Go to "iCloud", then "Find My" and your smartphone will appear on the map.
  • On Android : go to Settings, then Position and activate the option. To find your smartphone from a different device, go to this website, then connect using your Google login details. Select your lost smartphone and it will appear on the map. You can also have your phone ring at top volume for a few minutes (even if it is set to silent or vibrate).

Use a smart keyring

A smart keyring such as a Wistiki is designed to help find your keys using your smartphone, but it can also be used in reverse: if you lose your smartphone, you can press the keyring to make your phone ring, providing your smartphone is close to you.

Using data when abroad: restrict roaming to avoid a hefty telephone bill

Deactivate roaming when abroad

  • On iOS: go to "Settings", then "Mobile Data Options" and deactivate "Data Roaming".
  • On Android: go to "Settings", "Mobile Networks" and deactivate "Data Roaming".

Switch to Airplane Mode

  • On iOS: go to "Settings" and activate "Airplane Mode", then "restart Wi-Fi".
  • On Android: go to "Settings", then "Airplane Mode", activate and "restart Wi-Fi".

Deactivate app updates

  • On iOS: go to "Settings", then "iTunes Store" and "App Store" and deactivate the "Mobile Data button".
  • On Android: go to "Play Store", then "Settings" and deactivate "automatic app updates". 

Activate power save mode

  • On iOS: go to "Settings", then "Battery" and activate "Low Power Mode".
  • On Android: go to "Settings", then "Battery" and activate "Power Saving Mode".

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