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Appels 4G


Calling with 4G

VoLTE, or Voice over Long Term Evolution, is a major technological advance that lets you make and receive calls in Luxembourg using the 4G network for very high definition. And that’s not all!
Compatible with iPhone.

Appels WiFi


Make calls wherever you have access to a WiFi connection in Luxembourg.

WiFi calling is the solution for making or receiving calls when you’re in a place that has poor network coverage, such as inside a very remote house.
Compatible with iPhone.

Around the World

BusinessEurope DATA TO GO Pro

The world awaits with open arms!

Calls/SMS and mobile internet options to travel with peace of mind. USA, Canada, Zone 2…don’t hold back. From S to L, choose the option that’s right for you.

Activate your options via SMS with the activation code to 64000.

Discover Around the World


BusinessEurope DATA TO GO Pro

Need more Internet?

Get another 5 GB (€8.55) or 10 GB (€12.82) at maximum speed in Luxembourg, Europe and the USA.

Text EXTRA5000 or EXTRA10000 to 64000


Data to Go Pro

Need more Internet?

Get another 20 GB (€20) at maximum speed in Luxembourg and Europe.

Text EXTRAEU20 to 64000

Option Phone

BusinessEurope DATA TO GO Pro

Paying nothing for a telephone is possible!

With the Phone option, spread the cost of your new handset over 12 or 24 months. Your budget is managed and you can feel relaxed about choosing your ideal handset.

Monthly prices:
- For a 24-month commitment: €4,27, €8,55, €12,82, €17,09, €21,37
- For a 12-month commitment: €29,91

Forfait bloqué

BusinessEurope Data to Go Pro

Control your budget!

Avoid unpleasant surprises. Pay just €2/month to block your or your children’s plan.

How does it work?

All communications are blocked automatically once you reach the plan’s limit. Simple and effective!

Activate the option



A comprehensive guarantee for complete peace of mind!

Take away the stress... choose Garantie+ to protect your mobile from loss, theft, dammage and much more!

Discover Garantie+


If you have a mobile fleet of more than 50 devices (iPhone/iPad), you can benefit from direct support from Apple.

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