POST is investing for you in the network of the future

What is the network of the future?

Fibre optic

In our hyperconnected world, very high speed internet access is essential. More than 80% of Luxembourg households are already connected to the gigabit network.

All IP

The switch from the traditional telephone network to IP technology helps support the country’s digitalisation and meets society’s growing communication requirements.


The rollout of 5G technology is part of the Digital Luxembourg programme. After concentrating its efforts on the 4G mobile network, Luxembourg now plans to become a digital leader with 5G. 

The expansion of the gigabit network is progressing rapidly

Fibre optic, now already available to over 8 out of 10 households.

The benefits of fibre optic

Breathtaking speed

The possibility of enjoying an ultra-high-speed internet connection of up to 1 Gbit/s, that is 50x faster than high-speed internet.

New applications

Development of new types of applications changing our daily lives: smart buildings and much more.

For all employees

The possibility of connecting a large number of devices to the internet from around the building, without sacrificing speed.

Investing in the future

Fibre optic provides a very fast and stable internet connection, and helps to increase the value of your property.

All together towards All IP

The traditional telephone network will gradually disappear. In future, telecom services such as landlines, TV, mobile telephones and the internet will only use one “common language” to communicate, namely POST’s private IP (internet protocol) network.

All IP advantages

Better voice quality

Enjoy HD quality calls with an optimal sound experience and no background noise: the voice is much more natural and is therefore easier to understand. 

Higher bandwidth

Fewer interruptions, faster and bulkier data transfer to give a much more pleasant user experience.

Simultaneous services

Browse, make calls and watch TV at home. All services can be used at the same time, without restriction or any loss of quality.

Save money

All telecom services (internet, landline and TV) can be grouped together in a single package, which is often cheaper.


5G can be summed up in two words: speed and latency. The combination of these two technological advances makes our society the first one to be hyper-connected. 5G is more than just the next step in mobile internet for smartphones. 5G is the future of connectivity, improving our daily lives by connecting more and more objects together.

The benefits of 5G

Internet speed

The various tests carried out show an average speed per user of more than 1 Gbit/s. i.e. up to 10 times faster than 4G.

Response time

5G’s latency (time between an action and its consequence) is less than 10 milliseconds.


Massive connectivity. Everything can be connected and interconnected: smartphones, cars, everyday objects, security systems, medical devices, etc.

5G experience

5G allows for new digital and electronic experiences in various fields.

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