How can we spot a deepfake?

Artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies now make it possible to create content from scratch, featuring real people with a very high degree of realism. And with these so-called deepfakes, new risks are emerging. How can you guarantee the authenticity of an image or video? How can you tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not? What can be done to combat the spread of counterfeit content? For several years, POST Luxembourg – in partnership with the University of Luxembourg – has been working on these issues, and they’re more prevalent than ever.

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Published on

30 January 2024

How do you create – and remember – secure passwords?

From email inboxes to online shopping websites and e-banking pages: they all ask you to create an account, which requires a password. To make life easier, many people choose the same password for all their accounts so they don't forget it. However, this is highly risky: should they discover your password, cyber-attackers have easier access to all your information so they can steal your identity and use your bank account.

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Published on

23 January 2024

Technology and telecoms: five major trends for 2024

How will the use of technology and networks evolve in 2024? In this article, we take a look at five major trends to keep an eye on.

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Published on

16 January 2024

Managing your time better at work

How can you better manage your time at work to be more productive, more focused and therefore less stressed? We have some tips for you! Completing several tasks in a single working day isn’t always as easy as it seems. Careful planning is key because it helps us set realistic goals and – most importantly – finish a busy day’s work in peace.

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Published on

09 January 2024

DDoS attacks in Luxembourg

The risk of facing DDoS attacks is growing and the number of attempts is on the rise. Each month, POST publishes its statistics on the volumetric DDoS attacks registered by its backbone network in Luxembourg.

A word from our customers

With ConnectedOffice, the Techprint teams can be contacted anytime, anywhere

The company's communications now take place over the mobile network, allowing everyone to take and make calls wherever they are - including cross-border workers in other countries, thanks to the extended coverage offered by LuxZone.

Nicolas Gabriel Production Manager at Techprint

Fixed-mobile convergence, an efficiency gain for the international Remondis group.

The company wanted to modernise its telephony by relying on POST Telecom's ConnectedOffice offer. Remondis now relies on a telephone exchange hosted and managed from the POST cloud.


Dirk Knäpper CEO Remondis Luxembourg

Luxembourg Air Rescue, always reachable with ConnectedOffice

To respond effectively to any emergency request, we have several contact numbers directly linked to our 24/7 call centre. Having available means of communication is crucial to our business. We can be called upon at any time and lives are at stake.

Michel Schimberg ICT Team Leader, Luxembourg Air Rescue

Cybersecurity weather forecast

Each quarter, the POST CyberForce CSIRT compiles a report on the cyberthreats detected during the period in Luxembourg: most frequent attacks, new techniques used by cybercriminals, and much more besides. View all our statistics now! 

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