Has your company thought about secure hybrid working?

19 March 2024

In hybrid mode, it is essential that teleworkers have access to the corporate network. However, the type of remote access to the corporate network can cause major issues that can jeopardise the company's security if a “DIY” VPN system has been set up.

Several major issues can arise when a teleworker installs and manages a DIY VPN system at home:
 • Teleworkers share their home network with other users, often their family. A DIY solution is unable to authenticate the different types of user/hardware and cannot give priority to business traffic;
• Sharing network resources with users from outside the company increases the risk of infection and aggravates the risk of transmitting a virus when remote employees connect to their company’s network;
• So how can the IT department manage and provide technical support for a DIY VPN system?
• The software encryption of DIY VPN solutions:

     o     results in unacceptable latency and jitter, which significantly undermines the quality of applications.
     o     does not offer WLAN network security.


The Teleworker VPN solution from ConnectedOffice solves all these issues with a single device specially designed for the teleworker’s home office: it creates a secure, encrypted tunnel between your home office and your company’s network using the Meraki Teleworker Gateway, providing fast, reliable connectivity for the modern teleworker.

It is also possible to connect a Teleworker VPN to a CloudPBX phone. This feature allows the client to make teleworking easier and more secure for employees, who benefit from all the advanced telephony features, whether at home or in the office.


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