Professional Internet access with guaranteed level of service

Find out about DIA and IP-Transit, high-speed internet connectivity solutions designed for professional use.

Perfect for:
SMB Large enterprises

Which service should you choose?

Direct Internet Access

  • Bandwidth: up to 10 Gbit/s

  • IPv4 range/29 & IPv6 range/56 included. Additional IP addresses on request.

  • Resilience: active / passive

IP Transit

  • Bandwidth: unlimited

  • IP addresses on request

  • Resilience: active / active

  • Backbone redundancy

Your benefits

Guaranteed service availability with an SLA

Standard, Business or Premium

Managed services

By the experts of POST Telecom

Dedicated POST infrastructure

With a 100 GB backbone that can easily absorb all traffic

DNS service included

Translation of domain names into IP addresses


To avoid cuts

Monitor the state of your connectivity at any time

The ControlCenter tool, which is provided free of charge, allows you to:

  • analyse your bandwidth consumption
  • monitor the status of your primary and secondary access (redundancy)
  • see any possible DDoS attacks
  • schedule the receipt by e-mail of your network usage report

Protect your internet services from DDoS attacks

Traditional security systems, such as firewalls or DNS do not stop all DDoS attacks. Only a dedicated service will enable you to protect your IT infrastructure and internet services, by filtering your traffic: fake internet traffic is rejected and legitimate traffic is accepted. 

Why choose POST?

  • Business stability since 1842: backed by the Luxembourg government

  • Reactive business support with our dedicated multilingual teams

  • Strong collaboration with the best technology suppliers on the market

  • High-quality infrastructure: three certified Data Centres and the most secure & reliable network

Do you have any other questions? 

Call us free of charge on 8002 4000 or +352 2424 4000 for international calls form Monday to Friday from 8am until 6pm.

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