Private networks

Your private corporate network with Ethernet or IP connectivity.

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Our solutions

Ethernet Line

Ethernet Line allows companies to interconnect 2 separate sites or data centers via a high-speed point-to-point Ethernet connectivity service.

Companies can access IT resources within the network from either of the different remote sites.

Ethernet Network

Ethernet Network allows companies to interconnect separate Client sites via a high-speed multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet connectivity service.

Companies can share local IT resources at one site with all users at other sites.

IP Network

Allows businesses to interconnect any customer site or data centre via a multipoint-to-multipoint IP connectivity service.

Each site or data centre will be able to communicate with all the others through a VPN that supports the routing of IP packets between sites.

Your benefits


Our solutions are easy to upgrade (number of sites, bandwidth, etc.).

Speeds and quality of service

Both are adapted to your needs & applications.

Encryption option

Ideal to protect sensitive data during transmission.

International solutions

Available for Luxembourg and international locations.

High network availability

With redundant access infrastructure in option.

24/7 Service Level Agreement

Service managed and monitored by POST 24/7.

Compatible products

Access your corporate private network through you mobile device.

Each mobile device (smartphones, tablets, routers, laptops...) has a SIM card with an IMSI number which is used for authentication on the company’s private APN. Thanks to IMSI access control, only SIM cards that are configured on the dedicated private APN can access the company’s network.

  • For homeworking

  • For your sales on business trips

  • For off-site work sites

Benefit from direct connections with most of the cloud service providers worldwide: Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud,...

Dedicated connectivity provided by POST to your cloud or multi-cloud infrastructure. Choice of bandwidth: from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

By completely bypassing the public Internet, CloudBridge offers:

  • Higher speeds

  • Lower latency

  • Higher security

  • Enhanced SLA

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