Protection against DDoS attacks

Discover DDoS Mitigation, the range of services for safeguarding your internet connectivity and services.

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Up to 3 months free* for a DDoS subscription made before 30/09/2023.

Our solution

Our DDoS Mitigation range meets the many different protection needs of our clients’ internet services. It protects your infrastructure and internet services against DDoS attacks by mitigating your traffic, i.e. denying access to non-legitimate internet traffic and filtering your legitimate traffic.


of the Internet traffic that is intended for you.


of traffic anomalies and DDoS attacks.


of the non-legitimate Internet traffic to protect your business on time.

Your benefits

Continuity of your internet services

is guaranteed for your legitimate clients and users.

Flexible configuration and setup

of your DDoS protection, based on the scale and scope of your internet services that you need to protect.

Single point of contact 

for managing your internet access and DDoS security.

Localised solution 

that is 100% Luxembourg-operated.

Our DDoS Mitigation range

DDoS Mitigation Traffic Protect

DDoS Mitigation IN-Line

Aim of protection

Internet access, IT infrastructure

Internet access, IT infrastructure & Internet Services

Type of DDoS attacks


Volume and application

24/7 traffic monitoring




Proactive when SOC detects attacks

Continuous and in real time

Protection application



DDoS attacks in Luxembourg

The risk of facing DDoS attacks is growing and the number of attempts is on the rise. Each month, POST publishes its statistics on the volumetric DDoS attacks registered by its backbone network in Luxembourg.

Your free tool

View data about suspected DDoS attacks on your network with ControlCenter. Thanks to this free tool you can also monitor for example the bandwidth consumption of your Internet services.

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*Promotion applicable from 01/06/2023 to 30/09/2023 inclusive for any subscription to the DDoS Mitigation offer. 1 month free for a one-month commitment, 2 months free for a 2-year commitment and 3 months free for a 3-year commitment.

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