Ultra-high speed networks

Your high value-added point-to-point private connectivity with D-LINE and W-LINE optical transport solutions.

Perfect for:

Our solutions

The products D-LINE and W-LINE provide you with the highest speeds in Luxembourg by guaranteeing you the best network performance between your company sites and your data centres.

Which connectivity for which use?


  • Point-to-Point connectivity over end-to-end dedicated fibre to Enterprise sites or Data Centres, ensuring low and consistent latency

  • Suitable for needs requiring a greater number of services, more demanding in terms of performance and with the prospect of evolving over time
    Example: for high bandwidth LAN interconnects (40 GbE – 100 GbE).


  • Point-to-Point connectivity from Enterprise sites to Data Centres via the shared POST network

  • To be preferred for service needs that are limited in number and not highly scalable
    Example: for Ethernet Service type services (from 1 GbE to 10 GbE).

Your benefits


Option available to ensure maximum service availability.


Option available to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of data during transit without affecting service performance in terms of latency and throughput.

24/7 support

Very high performance Service Level Agreement with 24/7 support.

Track data about your D-LINEs using ControlCenter

  • Follow the overall status of your D-LINE, displayed in green or orange if an anomaly is observed

  • View the status of each service associated with your D-LINE (SAN, LAN/WAN, MainFrame) as well as their respective bandwidth and chosen security level

  • Check the status of the other components of your D-LINE: the different Network Ports, Switching Modules and Power Supplies


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