Global IoT connectivity

Deploying devices worldwide has never been so easy. Connect devices anywhere, anytime with our global IoT/M2M connectivity solution.


M2M's Future is eSIM. Discover the Possibilities.

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Your IoT project in 4 easy steps


Together, we find the best solution to your need!


The basis of your project starts with the SIM card /eSIM profile. Wide offer of formats.


Install SIM cards / eSIM profiles into your devices.


Enjoy the experience of a superlative service anytime, anywhere.

Our proposal to your business

Global coverage

  • Roaming agreements with 500+ operators worldwide unleashing an unique experience anywhere in the world
  • Non-steered SIM cards: automatic and instantaneous selection of the best network available everywhere
  • Cellular connectivity based on 2G/3G/4G/LTE-M (Data, Voice & SMS)

Access to advanced management tools

With access to advanced diagnostic solutions, analytics and automation platforms, POST Telecom empowers you to remotely monitor and manage your e/SIMs, in full transparency. Real time alerting, rate plan optimization and billshock prevention.

SIM and eSIM cards adapted to your business needs

  • Ultra-durable SIM cards capable of handling any environmental exigences (humidity, dust, temperature,…)
  • Customizable SIM with your company logo
  • Half size SIM available

Eco-friendly SIM cards

POST Telecom is committed to the reduction of waste and CO2 emissions. To meet this responsibility, we offer our customers sustainable SIM card products with reduced card bodies using 50% less plastic and materials made of recycled resources.

Try our IoT connectivity solution for free

The kit includes all you need to connect and manage your devices easily:

  • 3 SIM cards with 30MB/SIM/month for 3 months & 50 SMS/SIM/month to test our connectivity
  • Full access to our management platform Cisco IoT ControlCenter
  • Support from our experts to answer your questions

Remote connectivity services

Our remote connectivity services provide connectivity from the mobile network (to which your devices are attached to) to the application servers.

Proposing 4 different offers, your business can benefit from different security levels as a combination of:

  • APN (public or dedicated)
  • IP network (shared – internet access - or dedicated instances – IPVPN, IPSec or MPLS-MPLS)
  • Firewall (shared or dedicated instances)

The right solution to your needs

Find the rate plans tailored to your IoT business needs. 




Advantage +




Up to 50MBS

Up to 50MBS

Up to 50MBS

Number of zones covered





Access to ControlCenter

IMEI Whitelisting

Location Based Service

300 Call Detail Record / SIM


Only receiving


Automation (alerts & rules)

Cisco Analytics

IoTA Analytics Tool


Pricing Automation


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"The right choice for your IoT needs"

Watch our latest webinar with our POST and Cisco experts.

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Why choose POST Telecom?

Your business is at the heart of what we do, a team of dedicated professionals put all their talent at your service, in a true partnership spirit.

  • Flexible: we find the right solution for you
  • Simple: complex solutions transformed into simplicty
  • Fast: fast decision making thanks to a customer centric organisation
  • Innovative: always seeking the best for your business


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